Grandma Stauffer

Grandma was born on May sixth nineteen twenty-one;
Eight years before the Great Depression had begun.
She was not frivolous – no not at all;
Was thrifty and saving with the large and small.
She fed the hungry who came to her door;
Gave to missions and to the poor.
She made comforters for MCC;
Service to her Lord was as important as can be.

Grandma sent her grandchildren birthday cards with a stick of gum;
We’d run to our mailboxes looking for some.
Her house was full of fun and laughter;
Sweet memories lasted for weeks thereafter.
Memories of going on adventures in the boxwood,
Rolling down the hill which felt so good,
Feasting on mush, molasses bread, and scrapple,
Eating shoo-fly pie, elderberry, cherry, and apple.

Grandma’s faith was very important to her;
A faith her descendents were to procure.
She loved to worship and to sing;
The house, with the sound of her voice, would ring.
She was active in her church and community;
Spreading God’s love where ever she would be.
Grandma is blessing Heaven this spring;
Where she is singing for her King.


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