The Mask

There is a mask I wear.
It covers the hurt and pain.
When I put it on,
No one sees the sorrow and the shame.

It hides my daily struggles;
The difficult journey I am on.
It keeps me from explaining
All the sadness and hurt I’ve born.

Yes, this mask it protects me
From having to be real,
But it keeps folks at a distance;
How does it make them feel?

What would happen if I threw it off,
Shared my trials and pain with others,
Opened up and became real,
With family, friends, sisters, brothers?

What if I shared about my struggles
As a wife, mother, and person?
What if I opened up about
My struggle with depression?

What if I tossed away
This heavy mask I wear?
Would others remove theirs
And we’d all begin to share?

Would we all open up
And each others’ burdens bear;
Walking beside each other,
Listening, helping, always being there?


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