She’s a Mother, Too

She never married,
lives here all alone,
Never birthed a child,
Nor adopted one into her home,
But she’s a mother, too.

She opened up  her heart,
Shared her time and love,
Pointed little souls,
Towards the Lord above.
She’s a mother, too.

She opened her door wide,
To those who needed to talk.
She listened to their fears.
Beside them she would walk.
Yes, she’s a mother, too.

They came confused and unsure;
Advice she’d wisely share.
She welcomed them and gave;
Food, shelter, love, and prayer.
I say, “She’s a mother, too.”

She has many different names:
Aunt, sister, mentor, friend,
Lawyer, teacher, doctor, nurse.
She spiritually mothered them.
They call her mother, too.

This Mother’s Day let’s remember,
All the caring women who,
Open up their hearts and homes;
Helping hurt souls and lives renew.
For they are mother’s, too!

(Written for my aunt, great aunt, and my single and childless friends who are spiritual mothers to many and have impacted more lives than they realize.)


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