Your Extravagant Love

Abandoned by your closest friends
Who scurried away like frightened mice
Your best friends gone when  you needed them the most
You know the empty feeling of loneliness
You’ve experienced the deep searing pain of abandonment

You were considered worthless by a trusted friend
Sold for only thirty pieces of silver
You the counselor, healer, teacher, and spiritual father of multitudes
Sold for the price of a slave
You know the soul piercing hurt of betrayal
You’ve experienced the knife of rejection

You were stripped naked, mocked, and shamed
Absorbing every word of hate
Absorbing every vile accusation
Absorbing every ounce of hell’s fury
Absorbing every prejudice a dark heart can conjure up
Absorbing the weight of every sin ever committed
Absorbing the punishment of all mankind onto your lonely shattered body

You were completely exposed
Suffering unspeakable pain
A crown of thorns beaten into your head
Skin and muscle stripped, torn, hanging, bleeding
Nails pounded into your hands and feet
Struggling, gasping for every breath
Hanging there abandoned, rejected, betrayed
Enduring it all for me – showing the world your extravagant love

(Inspired by Pastor Brian Flewelling’s sermon on April 13, 2014)


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