Naked, barren, brown, dead earth
Cold bitter, biting, frigid air
Cutting wind chilling me to the bone.
Spring, summer, and fall have gone–winter has arrived.

Jack Frost and his snow fairies paint the earth as I dream.
Jack Frost drawing his designs on the window glass;
His snow fairies dancing down to earth, from their homes in the clouds,
Clothing the earth’s nakedness with white finery.

I awaken to see the earth clothed in a sparkling white gown
Crystal icicles hanging from the eaves
Trees and ground blanketed with sparkling diamonds
A cheerful tinkling sleigh bell song rings in the distance.

Merry squeals of joy and laughter greet me
As boys rush into the kitchen full of excited chatter,
“Snow forts!  Snowmen! Snowball battles! Sledding!”
Inhaling their food then bundling up the whirl wind rushes out the door.

Taking a cup of coffee, I snuggle down into the sofa
Reveling in the silence, gazing out the window,
Watching the twirling swirling snow fairy dance,
Dreaming of snows past and family far away.

White, sparkling, glistening, cheerful earth
Boys running, laughing, with cheeks flushed
Snowman waving to passing automobiles and buggies
Spring, summer, and fall have left but winter has arrived!


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