Mr. Virus’ Frolic

Mr. Virus came to visit
One warm lovely winter day.
He knocked upon my door,
“Let me in!  I want to play!”

“No!”  I firmly said,
Shoving elderberry his way.
“Skedaddle!  I’m on my way to bed.
I refuse to play!”

Mr. Virus rattled the window.
“Let me in NOW!” he said.
I pelted him with echinacea.
“Please leave me alone!” I pled.

I drank a cup of orange juice.
He slipped away and hid.
But last night as I lay sleeping,
His time he quietly bid.

This morning I awoke to find
Him dancing in my head.
“Please stop frolicking.”
I plaintively pled.

“No!  I want to dance with you
On this warm winter day.
I refuse to bid you ado.
I am here to stay!”


One thought on “Mr. Virus’ Frolic

  1. I hope by now Mr. Virus has left your house. Open the windows tomorrow and let the fresh air in to chase out anything Mr. Virus left behind. It is supposed to be near 70 degrees here tomorrow.

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