The Journey

Marriage is a journey,
Which together a couple makes
There is a winding dusty path
Which every couple takes.

It leads through meadows;
Full of beauty, joy, and life.
Dancing, splashing in field and stream
TOGETHER – UNITED; husband – wife.

They travel down the path
Joyfully dancing all the way,
Hand in hand together
Fun adventures ahead must lay.

Dancing into the dark, barren desert,
They stumble then they fall.
Standing, grasping, wandering,
For each other they search and call.

 Stumbling down the dark desert path,
Together – thinking the other far away,
They call for one another,
Yet, not hearing what the other has to say.

On and on they struggle,
Desert journey seems so long.
Battered, lonely, thirsty yet…
In the distance, they hear a mountain song.

Dawn’s early light lies ahead,
Just around the next bend.
Fresh, crisp, mountain air wafts past
Promising the desert journey is about to end.

At the mountain’s foot,
The barren desert stops.
Up into the crisp fresh mountain,
The narrow trail winds towards the top.

Up the mountain trail,
Together – but apart,
The couple sadly climbs
With heaviness in their hearts.

They come to a rocky dangerous place,
For protection they both pray.
He reaches for her hand,
To help her along the way.

Hand in had they climb
A lot they’ve overcame
Strong, united, devoted
Life will never be the same.

Joyfully they journey on
Towards the mountain top.
More adventures lie ahead,
They’ll face them untitled until the journey stops.


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